Water Evaporators


FORMECO, leader manufacturer of Solvent Recovery Systems, has solved the problem of the waste water disposal, designing a range of apparatus which guarantee an efficient and economic system for every industry involved in this event.

The technology is based on boiling the waste water ; this water, once distilled, is replaced in the production line whereas the contaminant, now very concentrated, can be disposed off at relatively low cost.

The product to be distilled is sucked into the evaporator exploiting the depression inside the boiler, generated by the vacuum circuit. The cooling cycle, equipped with a heating pump, is able both to get heat the liquid in treatment and to cool the vapours produced in the boiling phase. Distilled liquid and the processed residue are unloaded at the end of the distillation process.

Strong point of this technology is the low running cost of its application. The vacuum distillation, combined with the heat pump technology, allows us to separate the water from the polluted products at a low energy consumption.

The range of FORMECO units equipped with heat pump includes models which can treat from 240 up to 3.500 litres per day. Personalised units, which exploit other sources of energy (steam, hot water or diathermic fluids), can be designed for higher capacities.



FORMECO evaporators are self-governing and they can work for 24 hours a day without any human intervention. They are manufactured from different materials and equipped to satisfy any specific request.

FORMECO units can be utilised in different fields : purification and concentration of waste water, recovery of food additives from different industrial process liquids, recovery of metals from washing processes, concentration of must, treatment of percolation water, etc.

The range of standard evaporators, equipped with heating pump, includes 4 different series :

- units equipped with immersed serpentine
- units equipped with heated surface and inner scraper for strong concentrations
- for corrosive liquids
- units with forced circulation for big production quantities

FORMECO evaporators allow :
- the separation between water and polluted products
- its immediate re-utilisation in the production line
- drastic reduction of waste water to dispose
- recovery of any raw materials contained
- design of waste minimisation plant


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